The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Yorgos’ films are dangerous. I say that because this man knows how to make an, a really good freaking ending. An ending so good it could make you forgot about earlier scenes in the film that you thought were just okay. But something I’ve come to learn about this guy is that once you have this full grasp on the story and you see the piece as a whole, everything seems to hit you just a bit better. In other words, I will definitely be seeing this again, I could watch it again right now if I had the time. I fucking loved this. But if you want an honest review and not a review that came from someone who nearly cried at how good the ending was (specifically that last shot) you’re gonna have to wait for my round 2.

By the way, it’s currently tied with KOASD for my favourite of his.

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