The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★

really wanted to like this and have fun with it but just couldn’t. sure it’s gory and bold and colorful and whatever. but what use is any of that if you’re gonna throw out any sense of pace or heart? the character development feels so half-assed and like it’s getting in the way more than anything. and the action focuses more on making you go “whoa the superhero said fuck!” instead of feeling like it’s adding any sort of tension. the deaths in this movie are so one-noted and heartless that it’s like, no wonder i don’t feel anything about anything after awhile. the whole thing reads like a statement for how edgy the twisted mind of James Gunn is able to go but like…Ted (2012) has better jokes than this. and there’s a teddy bear in that one, who smokes weed! now that’s sick

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