Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Before I get into it I just wanna say: As much of an A24 fanboy I make myself out to be on the internet, I can't even begin to describe how pissed I am at how they dealt with this film's distribution. I was mad to begin with but after seeing how ~c i n e m a t i c~ it is in both it's sound and visuals, fuck man. Pretty embarrassing but oh well.

As for the movie. I just. Fuck lol. I guess this is a hot take but this is one of the least boring movies out there. Didn't matter how weird the editing was, how awkward the performances were, etc. I was genuinely entertained from start to finish. But let's back track a little, the editing. What the fuck? Huh? What's going on here, fellas? Some of it was so good and some of it....what! Some REALLY embarrassing cuts here and there, one of which was when he was smashing the egg into the kids face and in one of cuts the kid..wasn't bleeding. Now let's talk about the objectification of women in this movie. It's clear it's trying to make a *statement* as well as, I think, bringing us into the protagonist's POV by sexualizing every woman in sight. But even if it is doing both those things, it just seemed excessive and kind of stupid in a few instances.

This movie is weird. So fucking weird. But so enjoyable. I'm probably gonna watch it again in the next week or so. It's gonna be a cult classic. People keep comparing it to Southland Tales and Mulholland Drive. In actuality it's really just National Treasure in LA. End of story. So does this go on my 2019 list or wtf do I do with it?

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