Vortex ★★★★½

still not really sure what to make of this one, which is not a new experience for me with these recent gaspar noé movies. but what i Can say for now is this somehow uses his signature style to make something more intimate than anything he’s done, and it works really well. loaded? sure, i really wish he took more than what seemed like a month to edit this one. but the spontaneity at which this extremely dense movie was put together both heightens the rawness he’s going for and is also just pretty inspiring. if anything it proves the greater effect his aggressive style can have if he decides to take it seriously. idk if “seriously” is the right word but if you’ve seen this you get what i mean. gonna go ahead and assume lux aeterna was sort of a test, because the split screen cinematography is gorgeous and not at all gimmicky here. one thing i do know is this is the quintessential “never watching THAT again!” movie. some of the best performances of the year too.

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