Waves ★★★

Exactly what you’d expect from a movie to play Kanye, Kendrick, Tyler, Cudi, Frank Ocean, Chance, Radiohead and Animal Collective all in one movie. The first half of this film is literally so chaotic but in a really good way. The opening credits are sick, but I can’t tell if that’s just because I like Floridada by Animal Collective. And that’s how I felt about pretty much most of this film. Do I like this or is it really just the music? And then in the second half they dial it down on the music and you’re like yep...was definitely just the music. A mess, an absolute mess. Such a god damn mess. But maybe...MAYBE....that was the point. But a mess. This film will mean a lot to a lot of high school kids and I respect that but ehehhhhh

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