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  • Bonjour Tristesse

    Bonjour Tristesse


    While I may only be two films deep in an expansive career, it’s clear as day that Otto Preminger was a filmmaker years ahead of his time. His framing and use of space took full advantage of what the wide screen format had to offer and that other filmmakers weren’t able to fully realize quite yet. I still don’t believe the black and white sequences in this film are from 1958. While Anatomy displayed his ability to use these framing…

  • Anatomy of a Murder

    Anatomy of a Murder


    Absolute hypnosis. The rhythm of the line deliveries in every scene is almost magical. Too many examples to choose from—seriously, I could literally pick any moment—but there's an interaction in the final 15 minutes where something the audience already knows is revealed to everyone else in the courtroom and it still manages to come off just as shocking to us as it does to those in the film. That moment works because the nanoseconds in between every word in this…

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    “You have to understand, that mohawk is SUPER ahead of its time” - my dad

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


    Still got some day left, might squeeze in Sátántangó

  • They Live

    They Live


    real eyes realize real lies........

  • A Hard Day's Night

    A Hard Day's Night


    George was the best Beatle, end of story

  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five


    This one goes out to my professor from last year who didn't go one class without letting us know that 'Nine to Five' was a perfect movie. You were right, Matt.

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Honestly hilarious and unfair how good this is

  • Paranoia Agent

    Paranoia Agent


    Feeling pretty blown away by this. Satoshi Kon’s work is some of the most terrifying to me because of how he effortlessly creates a space in your head. ‘Internal’ is probably the best word to describe it and while that may seem intriguing, any of his films would suggest the opposite. With ‘Perfect Blue’ and ‘Paprika’ he accomplishes so much with so little, taking high-concept ideas and boiling them down to their most electrifying parts. That said, you can imagine…

  • The Sixth Sense

    The Sixth Sense


    One of those iconic films I just haven’t seen until now. Pretty much a perfect example using of slowness to build tension. Owe most of that to the edit, the pacing is unbelievable. I don’t have a whooole lot to add that hasn’t already been said /: It’s good! I’ll have more to say in my ‘what i watched’ for this month.

  • Barking Dogs Never Bite

    Barking Dogs Never Bite


    On my hands and knees BEGGING Bong to make a film with a jazzy score like this again.

    Sadly this is definitely the weakest I’ve seen from him. These ideas he throws around in each scene are interesting to watch but they also don’t feel like they’re doing anything some of the time. One of the best things about a Bong Joon-ho film is that you know none of that time will be wasted. But this could have been cut…

  • Allegro non troppo

    Allegro non troppo


    Thank you to my friend Jon for introducing this to me. Funny, colorful, clever, what’s not to love?