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  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    I say this in the most minnesotan way possible: oh jeez

  • Creep



    realized i've never logged this. just wanna say this and creep 2 are super great compared to most jump scare movies. they do the whole sub-genre super well and in a really interesting and engaging way imo.

  • Nina Wu

    Nina Wu


    Tarantino showed up to the screening. Not only did I see the man in person but I TECHNICALLY watched a movie with him. Cannes is fucking sick. But yeah I really liked this a lot, felt very in control and was consistently throwing new ideas at the wall and they were working. Great performances and cinematography, loved the structure, would happily check it out again.

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    It was clear the moment both actor’s appeared on the screen that this was going to be something special. To put it simply, this is the result of everyone behind the film being on the same page and doing their absolute best. It’s not something where I can pick my favorite aspect, it’s all overwhelmingly good. It was clear throughout the film that this was not the end of this experience, with sounds and images so specific and beautiful that…

  • Atlantics



    this shit Boring

  • Lux Æterna

    Lux Æterna


    I was there for the premiere. I watched this with Gaspar Noé in the room. I cannot emphasize how unwatchable the last 20 minutes are. He wanted to clear out the theatre. Jesus fuck, my eyes. Literal paramedics waiting outside the theatre. That’s the review.

  • Port Authority

    Port Authority


    green book

  • Little Joe

    Little Joe


    Hate to compare but it’s like a dull Yorgos Lanthimos film. With stale dialogue and a unique score that feels like it’s screaming at me to feel nothing, this film felt so static. I wanted to love this, and I will definitely be paying attention to whatever Hausner does next because this was stylistically great. But this felt like a big pile of nothing. I don’t want to say it’s boring but it’s certainly not FASCINATING, it’s just somewhere in the middle. Funny ending though!

  • Sorry We Missed You

    Sorry We Missed You


    I’m definitely checking out everything Ken Loach has done, starting with Kes. This was tragic and the saddest part is how real it is. The way it covers the fear and depressing aspects of literally normal people smart, I am not doing it justice. Too many thoughts!

  • Beanpole



    felt bad for falling asleep for 15 min until I realized everyone fell asleep during this. where is youtube’s 2x speed function when you need it.

  • First Love

    First Love


    Takes a bit long to get going and a bit long to cool down but everything in between is batshit crazy in the best way.

  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    My first Cannes film!!! 
    (grace if you’re reading this, sorry for dipping so fast, there was a lot going on)

    This was fantastic. Such an angry film that really puts its morals in your hands which I appreciate. Some of my favorite films of all time are those that deal with this subject and do so very bluntly, but it’s nice to not be spoon fed how to feel for once. It’s lack of original style is the only thing…