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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman

    I won’t ever watch this again until Ruth (my youngest of 12 daughters) approaches me on christmas morning with an 8k blu ray and shouts “Papa! Dans ce film Al Pachinko et Joe Pepsi vivent dans la mafia!” i will have no idea what she is saying

  • Suspiria


    That one song sounds just like Footloose

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  • Kajillionaire


    the entire composition is the feeling of looking at the self and your adulthood in the mirror, you’re too grown AND too baby, you’re an autonomous construction of the most peculiar intersecting lines between your family members and your early life, and the love of your life is of a completely different material than anyone else. 

    thematic resolution on every front for old dolio’s late emotional departure. her routine is laborious and to the terror of her parents and so…

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure

    if i  died before seeing Love Exposure i’d be Pissed. So stop putting it off. It’s been in your watchlist for years. Make the right choice

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  • Oh, Hello on Broadway

    Oh, Hello on Broadway


    So that's how you pronounce raccoon.

    Oh, Hello finds a reason to exist on Broadway in its outcast identity, with which Nick Kroll and John Mulaney tout a premise that it in fact should not exist on Broadway. Beyond that the construction is, surprisingly, damn ornate: On one axis it's an act within an act within an act, on the other it ranges across stand-up, vaudeville, improv, podcast-y interview, to sexy raccoons. The gear keeps shifting, expectations are subverted, all…

  • Underwater


    writing this like a memento tattoo for when i’m navigating a disaster movie craving in my late 30s

    Love the greens and yellows and aquatic blues,
    the set looks SO good, the props look so good,  
    the cg creepies had a real presence in earlier scenes when the lighting was scattered and they were kinda shapeless but it gets predictably reveal-y by the end,
    fuckin packed with Alien nods,
    character interaction’s sorta flat, sure. No selfish wildcard person, everyone is…