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  • Henry Fool

    Henry Fool


    every child watch this now!

    old review march 14 2010
    James Urbaniak, who played crumb and is Dr.Venture (also Mr.McRomanCe from eternal sunshine) is a garbage man from queens who makes poetry so beautiful it causes people to pass out, regurgitate their shrimp lasagna and see god. He is aided by the most perverse character (reminds me of frank from blue velvet only more fucked 1998 style) who rapes and steals before making breakfast. hal hartley directed it, he also…

  • Run Silent, Run Deep

    Run Silent, Run Deep


    best submarines, the best

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  • I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes - the Man and His Work

    I'm Almost Not Crazy: John Cassavetes - the Man and His Work


    "I don't think people can live without a philosophy. What is philosophy? 'Phylos' in Greek means friend or love. Love and Friend is synonymous. The study of any 'ophy' is the study OF. so it's the study of LOve. and to have a philosophy is to know how to love and to know where to put it. because you can't put it everywhere you'd walk around you'd got to have to be a minister or priest saying 'yes my son'…

  • Bone Tomahawk

    Bone Tomahawk


    all men R evil
    + might be the most racist movie ever made.
    portrays them as real inhuman demons. i chose to interpret certain scenes as repercussions of the savagery of white people against native americans to the point where this tribe developed that have powers beyond and through the grave!!! Your existence is because your distant relatives were serial murderers!!! Horrifically Violent Animal Mating Rituals.. female Seed Beetle bone sirens