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  • Lemon



    Note to self: trust the Letterboxd consensus above David Lowery's film recommendations because this one seemed like the rough draft of a half-baked idea, or perhaps a half-dozen such ideas melted into each other beneath the chaotic rays of the lazy California sun. Michael Cera's hair was pretty amazing though…

  • Slacker



    This past-the-baton style, stream-of-consciousness deep dive into a time and a place and a people begs one question: is the world better off now that such esoteric lunatics have been sequestered to their basement desktops by the Internet or has the demise of the street-side, real-world marketplace of ideas dulled something essentially human in all of us? Also, Bigfoot is real and I found the proof in my grandma's backyard.

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  • Hell or High Water

    Hell or High Water


    No twists. No betrayals. No games. Just two protagonists, both flawed and virtuous, seeking justice in an unjust, dying world and losing themselves in the process. Great stuff here.

  • The Tale

    The Tale


    Stressed me out in ways no traditional horror movie could hope to achieve in its wildest dreams. This is a film that could only ever have been made by the person who lived it, illustrating beyond a shadow of a doubt the importance of #OwnVoices and #MeToo in art. While most cinematic tales of sexual assault tend toward the concrete and lachrymose, this one bristles with an authoritative nuance that marks it as one of the seminal works of its…