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  • Epitaph



    I think this movie has the record for longest string of bad decisions made by main characters AND total uses of same shot of house to establish day/night. Just another feather in Merhi's already beplumed chapeau.

    The best blowjob is probably the I-just-buried-your-umpteenth-body reward blowjob.

  • The Glass Jungle

    The Glass Jungle


    "I'm a waaaaaaaaariiorrrr...of the glass jungle!"

    The third act starts with an extended "cab fares of the day" montage that directly leads into an extended "memories of wife ice skating" montage. Then there is one scene of plot progression before, and I am not exaggerating, about fifteen minutes of "how I met my wife memories". The film ends six minutes later. Spoiler alert.

    Robocop shares a marquee with The Telephone.

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