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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Dear parents,
    Don't take your young kids to see this movie
    I don't want to hear you explain basic film
    I don't want to hear your young child cry due to the film
    I don't want to hear you squeeze a bottle for fifteen or so mins so much I had to sit forward to not hear your annoying sounds
    I know Australia ratings are clueless making this PG but still.

  • Evidence



    The music is nice and all but it's just some propaganda coming from a director who should know better, I'm not saying kids should just watch the television all day but they aren't mindless zombies.

    It doesn't even explore why they think television is awful for children but just has close ups to their unrealistic faces.

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  • Technological Threat

    Technological Threat


    Pretty ironic that Tin Toy beat this for best animation short.

  • Summer Camp Island

    Summer Camp Island


    It's just a pilot but calling this the next Adventure Time is pushing it since that even from the start had signs of lore next to the xD lol random humor.