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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    There are some films that render you speechless, and this is one of them. Morning after, yet I'm still reeling from yesterday's viewing. Heartbreaking and tragic, yet hopeful in its rebirth at the finale.

  • Mommy



    Lately, due to stress or more likely, my horrible posture, I've been waking up and going about my day with aches and pains. But here I am, sitting opposite the credits that are still rolling, and I feel this strange sensation: the aches are no longer there.

    With every pulse and expansion of the aspect ratio, the knots within me have responded by sighing and unraveling. I feel like a crumpled up ball of paper that's been finally spread back out and pressed of its creases. There is this replete stillness in my heart, yet I am tumbling, soaring, zipping.


    Thanks, Mr. Dolan.