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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    I'm surprised how well the film manages to carry it's simplistic and slightly corny message. I think it lands just on the safe side of not being too condescending. It's another one of those 'remember how racism was bad?' films that puts the issues in a neat little box and forgets that they haven't been solved yet.

    All of this aside, though, it's a damn pleasing film to watch. Mostly because of the powerhouse performances from Mahershala Ali and Viggo…

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    Pitch perfect.
    Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdam's chemistry is out of this world and I'm still in awe of how competent this film is - not just as a comedy but as an actual piece of film making. So good.

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  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    I really wanna believe there's some deeper social commentary there but sadly it just looks like a misogynistic manchild's wet dream. In the wake of #timesup we get a noir pastiche in which literally every female character wants to fuck Andrew Garfield. And that's about the extent of their involvement in the plot. There's a fine line between perpetuating backwards clichés ironically to make a point and just becoming part of the problem. 'Under the Silver Lake' feels like someone…

  • Kler



    What a hot mess.

    On the one hand it's got a tough, no-bullshit attitude towards its message but on the other it fails spectacularly in the storytelling department. The editing and pacing are all over the place, from the convoluted storylines to painfully amateurish editing mistakes ( who approved that fork in the hand scene?!).

    Despite the fact that the film tackles all of the problems plaguing the Catholic Church in Poland, the actual viewing experience is as far from…