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  • House of Hummingbird

  • Cruising

  • Mr. Turner

  • Bright Leaves

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  • House of Hummingbird

    House of Hummingbird

    Rather sketchily flat side characters. The brother, who has not a single word to say to his older sister, is the one to strangely out of character break down in a sentimental dinner crying scene at her near death.
    Sentiment and shmuck abound. The Dead Poets Society teacher, here serving Zen tea and the spectre class politics (only in the sleeves of books or banners on the road, for to actually say something worthwhile would be too much), who is…

  • Cruising


    All customers larping like a Tom of Finland getup, even the crossdressing streetwalkers wearing leather. A sexual simulacra and fantasia of the likely non-existent or dying culture that it was supposedly representing: it becomes more real than the real, and displaces the mediocrity of the real with the pornographic hyperreal.
    But lit like a Caravaggio, especially the outdoor scenes, wonderfully lit in stark white and blue so cruising in the green becomes beautiful.
    The apparent seriousness of the hanky code,…

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  • United Red Army

    United Red Army

    A movie in which no one knows what self-criticism is. Crit/self-crit is probably the most radical tool within Maoist organizing, in addition to the mass line, and the only proper corrective to our liberal individualist ego-centric way of thinking that capitalism relies on. To understand that our actions belong not just to us and to consciously work to better ourselves, not for our self (cf capitalist self-care), but for our comrades.
    Here it's vulgarized into a tool for dominating and…

  • Mind Game

    Mind Game

    So I made you for my entertainment, what's wrong with that?
    To live sincerely, that's the only weapon against a wall.
    The most artistic sex scene on film: an expressionistic bossa nova music video of trains running into the water with a white splash.