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  • Hell House LLC

    Hell House LLC


    A few nice twists, adequately spooky. Unfortunately some potential that goes untapped, but I hear there’s a sequel a-comin’.

  • Tales from the Crypt

    Tales from the Crypt


    God I love British horror anthologies.

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  • The Descent

    The Descent


    Finally got around to seeing this one. The horror element was fun, and the claustrophobia was genuinely felt, but what I found most compelling was the film's surprisingly progressive representation of gender. The principal cast is made up entirely of women, which seems bold enough (for a film that doesn't take place in a sorority house), but the movie doesn't go out of its way to draw attention to this. These are just people whose friendship is based on their…

  • The Dead Zone

    The Dead Zone


    Hoop-Tober 3.0

    A terrifying look at the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

    OK but really, this is a terrific little movie. I've been reading a lot of King lately, semi-chronologically, but I actually skipped this novel and jumped to IT this month. Which is a shame because my favorite thing about this film is how it attempts to detail just how this gift/curse affects Johnny Smith's (Walken) life. It's the kind of thing King does very well -- digging…