The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

HoopTober 4.0: 14/33

Absolutely bonkers. From the opening scene, this thing is full throttle: loud, ugly, garish, and hilariously irreverent. Everyone is screaming through this whole movie, from Caroline Williams' would-be victim and object of Leatherface's affection, to Bill Moseley's psychotic Chop-Top ("Music is my LIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!"), to Dennis Hopper's Lefty, wielding a chainsaw himself trying to bring the whole damn thing down.

What a trip. Just get a load of this exchange:

Lefty: "I'm the Lord of the Harvest!"

Drayton: "What's that? Some new health food bunch?"

It's impossible to take this movie seriously, and that seems to be intentional. Hooper took the most outlandish elements of the first movie — the crazy characters, the cannibalism, the monstrous production design — and brought it screaming into the 1980s with synthesizers, Christmas lights, and all the crassness you can handle.

That's how you do a sequel, kids.