Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

“Don’t call her a psychopath! It’s so ableist.” 

There’s just something so beautifully cathartic about watching rich brats lose their actual shit.

I loved the messy drama, the verbal fights were so intense and funny. Each character conflict was set up so naturally and the acting of everyone just made it that much better. I would’ve loved to see even MORE bitch fights and less walking around the house while freaking out, but what we got was amazing. 

There was one aspect of the film (I won’t elaborate on to avoid spoilers) that changes the way you look at the film as a whole. And while it wasn’t what I was expecting going into this, it give Bodies Bodies Bodies a unique feeling and makes it stand out in the standard slasher/whodunnit genre. 

With this being one of my most anticipated films of 2022 I’m very happy with how this turned out. So much talent went into this film, I had a great time watching it and I’m already looking forward to seeing it again!

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