Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

'The film of the decade'

Ok so looking back I definitely have a few problems with this film and I can't decide if I hate it or love it just yet, I'm teetering between the two every day. Forget that for now, I wanna share with you my experience with this film and how that affected my opinions.

The feeling that you get when you watch this for the first time is something you can only feel a couple times in your life. I was a huge Marvel fan and I gushed over the trailers non stop and was super looking forward to this. When some actually genuinely epic and surprising moments happened on screen I felt something that I had never felt before in my life. A true feeling of completion, like I was at the peak of my life, everything was perfect and all in the world I could have asked for came true. I squealed in the cinema with joy...I don't think I have ever squealed before like that. I actually teared up in cinema which was a huge surprise. I was in love, like actual love from the depths of my icy black heart.

I'm sure a lot of you had that exact same feeling and it is so annoying that we can't get to experience it ever again. We can't go back to that little cinema chair and watch our lives change before us in the span of three hours.

Now here's my problem. I loved it when it came out...but when I look back I just get annoyed at the bad parts. Cringey lines and moments, all of Thor, they ruined Hulk in my opinion, lack of actual funny jokes compared to previous films, the whole time travel thing the ugly looking far too dark final battle (Especially when compared to the battle in Wakanda from before), the quite ridiculous ending with Captain America and lack of screen time for characters I was looking forward to seeing (Make this 4 hours long I would have loved that)

I had the amazing feeling but now on re-watches I just can't get anywhere near that again and all the bad stuff just flows back into my anally retentive mind that I overlook the good parts. That amazing feeling that we all had in the cinema is gone and we can't experience the film in the way we all did before.

What good parts you say?

Final battle (Other than cinematography and set design) was actually pretty well done and I had a good idea of what was going on considering how damn much was going on.
The only thing that I still get near that feeling with is the portals bit...it's just kinda awesome that's all
The funeral was extraordinarily executed
General MCU banter and fun really

I made a decision to not take too much part in the MCU from this point forward. This was a good enough ending for me!

Especially with all the TV shows and new time travelly and multiversey stuff to come I just don't want to use up too much brain power thinking about it all. Also my favourite characters are gone so I don't have that to hold on to anymore.

I'm all for people loving this film but I hope that this review will help people see the film in a new light.

Thank you Kevin Feige, it was a fun 11 years but it's time for me to retire the cape!

Sayonara suckers

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