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  • Tomorrow Ever After

    Tomorrow Ever After


    Imagine a society without pain and suffering; without struggle and greed; without hunger and lies; without ownership and privacy. Imagine a society filled with perfect harmony and unity in their absence, full of honesty, integrity, generosity, and open embrace.

    Such an extreme, idealized society would probably border on the edge of creepy, but it's that odd, happy-go-lucky fiction that's offered here in this fairy-tale imagining of a time-traveler who discovers a world very much like yours and mine.

    In many…

  • Watership Down

    Watership Down


    the artistic style is compelling and the warren-lore is fascinating, but the bombastic norwegian seagull is a bit of a head-scratcher.

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  • Colossal



    Somehow, a film that starts off with a massive kaiju looming over Seoul manages to exemplify some the worst fetishes of action flicks and modern, self-aware TV romcoms.

    I appreciate Colossal's overall themes and intentions. I appreciate its commentary on the diverse flavors of toxicity in relationships, and its championing of the independent female spirit. But these intentions don't excuse its heavy-handed, pandering approach to expressing these themes, and they don't excuse its other numerous offenses, from awkward-sexy boy-girl interactions…

  • Alive and Kicking

    Alive and Kicking


    A normal documentary about a small selection of normal, every-day dancers; more slice-of-life home video than historical-feature, but filled with silly and sassy snippets. Lots of great, high-octane lindy-hop mania footage as expected, but a couple of brief, awkwardly placed dramatic and historical segments make watching this movie more like taking alternating hits of crack and WWII trivia.