Valley Uprising ★★★★

A relatively even look at the Yosemite climbing scene leading up to the present day. It's filled with tons of wacky, wonderful characters exploring the purity and fun of the lifestyle, seen through a packed collection of enhanced images, exciting videos, and primary interviews. There's a lot to appreciate in here, from early competitive and ideological rivalries, to legendary pioneers, to plain old crazy, scruffy, charmingly young thrill-seekers looking to live out the psychedelic era while tripping on acid, pooping in bags and sleeping in hammocks two-thousand feet off the ground.

Like all good documentaries, they end with a huuuge shout-out to the rest of the large, expansive community that didn't make it into the film, and you get a sense of how much more there is to the story. Really enjoyable and energizing documentary for climbers and non-climbers alike.