Creed ★★★★★

Creed was probably the last gem of 2015 that I hadn’t seen until now because I wanted to see Rocky first, which I finally saw days ago. And now that I’ve seen Creed, all I can say is that I absolutely, genuinely love it! What a solid continuation of the legend of Rocky Balboa that marks a triumphant return of Sylvester Stallone to his star-making role. It’s a film that drew out strong emotions in me, largely because it's an excellent work of nostalgia with a solid script. Creed forges its own path nicely, yet it harks back to the glory of the past, the life-affirming tale of an ordinary man, and the good old times. Ryan Coogler makes a great boxing film, cranking up the energy and the drama until the final showdown.

Stallone’s role in this film is a lot juicier this time, and he gives a winning, sincere performance here. It’s a shame that he didn’t win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, as I truly believe he was the best of the nominees last year. Michael B. Jordan is great as Donnie Creed and proves to be a worthy successor to the iconic legend that is Balboa. The palpable father-son dynamic between Rocky and Donnie is moving. And the last shot at the ‘Rocky steps’ in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Arts brought me to tears. Everything up to that point basically culminates in this beautiful final scene. What a perfect way to end the film! And what a perfect film to mark my 1,000th film I rated on Letterboxd!

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