The Red Turtle

The Red Turtle ★★★★½

A quiet, deep meditation on loneliness and humans’ spiritual connection with the primitive world. Co-produced by Studio Ghibli, The Red Turtle is imbued with European arthouse sensibilities, thanks to Michael Dudok de Wit’s uncompromising imagination that lives up to the creative excellence of the Japanese studio.

This minimalist piece of cinema reminds us that a simple story with a touch of fantasy can move and overwhelm us with a huge surge of emotions. But this is not the kind of film that can be taken at face value. The Red Turtle demands that you pay attention to its rich symbolism and inspiring imagery. It’s a slow pacing film, but you certainly don’t want to miss a frame. Just let it wash all over you.

Another film that got me teary-eyed. I also recommended Michael Dudok de Wit's short film Father and Daughter. It's heartbreaking!

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