Your Name. ★★★★½

Guys, if you have a chance, make sure to check out this wonderful Japanese anime!

This is a gem of a film, a nice break from all the mediocre Hollywood blockbusters movies that failed to capture audiences’ imagination. Your Name, directed by the fairy unknown Makota Shinkai, is a conceptually original and thematically rich film with a dash of arthouse brilliance and a touch of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The beautifully layered story unspools in the most intriguing way and culminates in a poignant, satisfying conclusion that will tug at your heartstrings.

This is a film about two strangers who defy their destiny and overcome the insurmountable odds. With the Japanese mythology woven into the very core of the story, Your Name is far more complex than most mainstream Hollywood animations. But more than anything, it’s a romantic film that offers a glimpse of silver lining and reminds us that love is such a crazy thing!

The dazzling animation is a cherry on top of this brilliant work. I hope this film puts Shinkai on the Hollywood map!

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