Ammonite ★★★½

I was one of the only people who was not taken away by the gay indie hit God's Own Country from a few years ago that Francis Lee broke out with so I was not really looking forward to this like many were and after the moot festival reactions it seemed even more clearer that this was not going to work for me. I have had a very rocky relationship with both Kate Winslet and Soairse Ronan over the years so this was such a perfect collaboration of so many people I have issues with (FIONA SHAW INNOCENT!) and none of them are giving their A game here. The whole movie is just so emotionally inert and flat with no chemistry whatsoever between these two actresses and it just isn't the love story it wants to be. I was far more interested in the fossil hunting of it all than any of the romance or lack there of in this movie. The movie does have moments that worked thanks to a great supporting cast with Gemma Jones, James McArdle, Fiona Shaw, and returning from God's Own Country, Alec Secăreanu. I just think the movie would have also been far more interesting if it were the prequel to this story about what happened between Winslet and Shaw's characters. Good costumes and it isn't a disaster but it is just kind of dull like God's Own Country was for me and I just don't think Lee has delivered just yet. Needed more fossils.

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