The Promise

The Promise ★★★★½

Why is no one seeing this is incredible!!! It's a hard sell but it really moved me. Well one thing the title was not a good fit. Makes it sound like a Nicolas Sparks movie. Like Chastain in Zookeeper's Wife, Oscar Isaac's accent was a little bothersome at first but his performance overcomes it. The beginning is a little dry but once they get into the genocide it's really moving and heartbreaking. I knew nothing about this before so I really was taken a back by the movie. I came for Oscar Isaac and left with the knowledge of a heartbreaking moment of time that people go out of their way to hide it. Sure I could have done without the love triangle but overall, it's really a movie people need to see. I'm appalled Turkey still denies this happened and I harp on the whole line "this movie is more relevant than ever" but the migration part of it is really devastating when you connect to it nowadays. I'm very sad this movie is going to be known as a bomb (maybe if people didn't write articles predicting it to bomb more people would give it a chance!). It's not necessarily on the same level of Schindler's List but it reminded me a lot of it. Also, we need more Oscar nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo in movies. She's heartbreaking in this and needs to be in more stuff!! Yes it's very long but I was captivated and I think it is an important movie to watch.

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