The Souvenir: Part II

The Souvenir: Part II ★★★½

I really did go into this one with an open mind after not being into the first film all that much but alas I think I enjoyed this one less than the first mostly with the absence of Tom Burke's really fabulous performance in the first. (He does get to have a cameo in this one that made me laugh because he was doing his Orson Welles in Mank voice at times). I thought I would dig this one more with the filmmaker side of Hogg's autobiographical story within the story but other than the fantasy movie within a movie dream sequence it bored me just as much as the first. Not even Harris Dickinson could liven it up for me which is saying something! I do like Hogg and would love to connect with her movies again but these films have just not done it for me. Pretty to look at though and would love to see Honor Swinton Byrne do other stuff!

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