The Tragedy of Macbeth

The Tragedy of Macbeth ★★★★

I am so happy I saw this again it is going to rise on my Top 50 list! That’s why I said it was tentative on New Year’s Eve! 

Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls*

*Cinematography, Production Design, Sound, Costumes, Editing, Direction, Ensemble 

Titane was the outrage story of the Oscar Shortlists for snubs but the real TRAGEDY (Pun originally not intended but now is) is the lack of this movie in Sound (in place for Belfast?!). I’ve been saying this for a month since I first saw it but Truly insanity that this is not a LOCK for a Cinematography Oscar as well for Joel Coen’s direction for at least a Nom! And Fran too! And all the crafts! Wake up sheeple!

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