Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

When I was a child, every time that I went to the movies I would emerge outside after the movie with heightened senses. No, there was no radioactive spider waiting in my popcorn to bite me. I came out of the theatre more acute than before because every sound I was making was my life's sound design. Every color and pattern meant something. I would even be cognizant of when I spoke and how. My life felt like the movie and I loved it. What affected me even more is that I would fall in love with the characters. I would obsess over what they may be up to until the sequel and even aspire to be some of them. The last movie that made me feel that way was probably whatever I saw before I saw the Dark Knight. Experiencing that film in a movie theatre was probably the first time I was aware of cinematography or editing. After that it was just all film school.

How fitting it is that a different super hero film brings me back to those feelings I felt as a child. Far From Home holds you tight through the comedy, the drama, the romance, the mystery, the action, and even the horror. The Sommers/McKenna screenplay is brought to reality by director Jon Watts and the rest of production. There is a scene in this movie that I could (and need to) just watch on a loop, just so I can figure out how Watts and cinematographer Mathew J. Lloyd pulled it off. Besides that, they have so much fun with a meta-take on CGI and some of the coolest Spiderman action you have ever seen.

That gets me to the man himself, Tom Holland. He has been may favorite live action take of Peter Parker since his first appearance in Civil War, and he only reaffirms that for me in this film. I have been following Holland since The Impossible and he has earned a spot among my favorites. Speaking of my favorite actors, Jake Gyllanhaal delivers a fantastic performance, as does Zendaya (who has far more to do this time around). The rest of the ensemble is charming, hilarious, and dynamic. I laughed, I definitely cried, and I had an absolute blast with this cast.

I must warn that this film only fires on all cylinders if you, the audience, is all caught up on the rest of the MCU, up until Endgame. The tone bending nature combined with the thick context needed for understanding merge to create this whole new genre of post-Endgame adventures. A new genre that is certainly going to be given a proper deep dive in Marvel Phase 4. As for this film, buckle in for a fun time, and MAKE SURE TO STAY AFTER THE CREDITS.

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