Brooklyn ★★★★★

so i decided to watch this movie on the plane to brooklyn, new york...
where i'm currently moving across the country to...
also leaving my old life behind...

anyways, i present the stream of consciousness i experienced, as jotted down on the notes app of my phone (it’s... uh... long):

there were no men for so long

wow we both really moving to brooklyn right now huh sis

i am connected to saoirse more than i’ve ever been

side note someone in my aisle is watching LADY BIRD and it’s the scene where lucas and saoirse sit outside the school

okay this is giving me CAROL vibes in this department store

“homesickness is like most sicknesses, it’ll make you feel retched, then it will move on to somebody else”

she’s so smart... elle woods tag


these women eating dinner... THE BEGUILED... where is colin + mushrooms

i can already tell this movie will have a sad moment and i will cry ... i cry at every movie i watch on the plane

these old men be crying to the man singing #pride

what if i find love in brooklyn

this new girl at dinner is iconic, a true character

the old gay flight attendant just flirted with me so hard

fuck my life i dropped my jacket in the aisle and reached to pick it up and my elbow hit his ass and he said he hasn’t been hit on in years

also the women next to me is reading water for elephants and it’s the film cover and reese and robert are literally circus freaks

back in the department store, this manager is wild as hell

omg rose is reading the letter i’m emotional

girl growing up — damn

frankie the italian kid is popping off

is that the dude from OITNB

hates the yankees, same boo, sports

those girls just had such a conversation in the bathroom go off

omg saoirse is not a local.... fkdkskksks

wow the sunglasses and body talk, all these women helping women, iconic

MR. ROBOT at coney island shot

i would fuck tony tbh... italians

brooklyn dodgers what that




this movie is literally the sequel to LADY BIRD

omg they are going to long island

the hottest part about this boyfriend is he knows how much saoirse is better than him

i forgot how the heteros don’t have grindr and have to like... date first

hopefully he lasts longer than kyle from LADY BIRD...

OMG kyle is on the other fucking screen right now skksksksksklas

omg he didn’t last long

future dad alert

we skipped the traveling sequence nice straight to the dialogue

she proves it’s possible to go back

i really can’t imagine what being a parent is like




i don’t trust him

this mother daughter relationship

they’re tricking her... this is HEREDITARY.. let her leave

they’re trapping her here wtf

i love the beach.... coastal boy

i hate that she’s falling for him

oh thank god my italian boy is back

i can’t stand that he is waiting... and saoirse is falling for this man

this meet the parents scene is fucked up

am i supposed to be supporting this relationship? because i’m not

she really choosing between two lives

okay so this is a trilogy, here is the order chronologically

LADY BIRD (old home)
BROOKLYN (old home/new home)
(new home)

omg this old woman is coming with the fucking receipts she’s an icon

i support her, make her go home

my name is eilis fiorello... she’s remembering she got that hubby

she’s gonna go back

she really did get married huh

she needs to take her mom with her

omg she knows brooklyn so well

this is like the new rules music video

this whole final monologue

“and one day, the sun will come out, you may not notice straight away, it will be that faint, and then you’ll catch yourself thinking about something or someone who has no connection the past, someone who’s only yours, and you’ll realize this is where your life is”

yeah i'm crying

*google emory cohen shirtless*

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