I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★½

been sitting on this review for a week now but here we are...

let's start with the obvious. that being, rosamund pike sporting a blonde bob and coming back from the dead to ultimately scam a nation. her insane vape. an extremely calculated performance. all great. fun to watch. my heart is a flutter!

but the rest? so clearly written by a man with no plan. just what was the point?? the clickbaity dialogue. the random russian shit. the absolute LACK of character. sure, marla's powerful, evil, capitalist - but nothing else.

look, it's not a bad movie. it's gay, it has chris messina looking cute in a 3 piece suit, dianne wiest securing her third oscar, and emmy-darling peter dinklage having fun. it's twisty and thrilling if not ludicrous but i've seen worse. and to the people who are mad that she scammed old people and "that's gross" and "disgusting" and "not worth watching"? well, i think watching marvel movies is gross and disgusting yet millions do it everyday so get tf over it.

plus, netflix announced that i care a lot is one of their most watched films to date (i always take their streaming numbers with a grain of salt but YES team pike needed a damn hit, it's been 7 years). so, rosamund, if you win the golden globe tonight (which will not happen), i won't be mad. it's vindication for the sheer snubbery of 2014/2015.

the only thing i care a lot about regarding i care a lot is rosamund pike's career and the massive hit she banked with this. and for that, i'm grateful 💁🏼‍♀️

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