Joker ★★½

you know who the real joker is? ME. why? because i spent the entire movie waiting to see the super rats that i was promised in the opening ten minutes. ever heard of chekhov’s gun mr. phillips? well, when you introduce something as intriguing as SUPER rats in the first act they better GO OFF in the second.

so, i reiterate the question, where are thine rats TODD? i don't give a goddamn gotham FUCK about "bats" or "clowns" but you expect me to sit idly by with mere super rat scraps? like, what makes them super? they just big? big fucking rats? because i've seen some big ass rats in this city before and idk what's so fucking special? these rats got guns? can they fly? solve sudoko puzzles and figure out the plot of memento just 10 minutes into the film? they vegan rats? they like tofu toddopher?

if there is a sequel, which there better not, it simply MUST be two solid hours of wok theen felix getting murked on by some super rats.

TLDR; not enough super rats

[EDIT: my second watch review is here]

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