Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

i watched this movie nearly three weeks ago and yet i have failed to log it...

it's been an absolutely wild time in my life in ways i wasn't ready for and this was the last film i've watched since the person i used to be began to unravel. now, i'm totally fine now. in fact, i've come out the other side better than ever before. but i reached a new low of depression at the hands of heartbreak, coming out to my parents, and the fires of the west coast. i lost a lot but i think it's like ripping off a band-aid... i've grown. and in that, i feel more in tune with my emotions than i ever have before? it's actually very empowering to understand how i feel and why i feel that way. and i feel so excited!! i am making vlogs again!! i'm running again!! i see, like, my life in front of me and all the opportunities to be had and memories to be made and i know los angeles is in my future.

i guess this is honestly less of a review but more of a coming back? or just checking in?

anyways i got to see this movie with mia (@bratpitt) in theaters downtown and i truly loved it from start to stop and hopefully i'm not in some lynchian dream right now but even if i am... i love it!!!

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