The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½


another classic.

now... i wish i could write more but i’m still so speechless from my actual viewing experience to conjure my thoughts about the movie itself. let me divulge. 

so after acquiring a free ticket to the premiere, and dealing with a disgruntled barry keoghan for minutes on end, i was sat in front of justin theroux the entire screening. i had no idea until the end when we got up and i looked to the row behind me. he was right there, cheering on his maniac best friend emma stone, who sat in the balcony only a few meters above us. 

as i stood there, politely waiting for our aisles to get out, trying not stare, i noticed out of the corner of my eye that his expression had changed when he saw someone.

and so i look. i see him too. he’s in a scarf. THE scarf. it’s fucking darren aronofsky.... and he’s in the row in front of me. i literally am between them as they converse from two rows apart. 

i watch as they get to the aisle and embrace in front of me. darren introduces his new girlfriend to him, saying “hey babe, this is justin theroux.” like, we fucking know. anyways, justin jokes that this film was “dangerous lesbians,” but imagine him saying lesbians like liaisons, with a faux french accent. i kind have couldn’t summarized the film better myself.

but in the moment, i can’t even process this because my mind was still racing about darren being here. why? no, not because i’m a requiem for a dream hoe. but because moments before i had even gotten this free ticket, i was looking to get my stuff and leave after my volunteer shift. and so i had opened a door backstage, and met my match. within one foot of me, standing face to face with me, was jennifer lawrence. we made direct eye contact, the mockingjay’s eyes staring directly into mine. no one knew she was here, yet here she was. staring deep into my soul. my heart wasn’t beating. hers could care less.

her hair slicked back, eye shadow dark enough to fall into, and gaze so ice pick sharp, i felt uneasy.  i stood aside and let her through.

i breathed again.

and without realizing it until justin tried out his joke to the scarf man... i was in the same room that a mother! reunion was happening... 

and me and taylor swift alike were both there to witness it.

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