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  • You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once


    Sort of a Bonnie and Clyde, this story is a damned sweet meditation on guilt and redemption. Henry Fonda plays an ex-con and Sylvia Sidney the love of his life. A lot's telegraphed awkwardly but there's some niceness in Lang's talkie.

  • While We're Young

    While We're Young


    Hipster comedy of manners. Results-oriented vs. process-oriented, spontaneous? but then eventually fraudulent, but eh, we shrug? Carefully scripted all the way. Baumbach's like Anderson with most of the tightness replaced by fun looseness. It doesn't seem as high to me as GREENBERG for instance, but not bad.

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Such a wicked great film. I have everything I want, which is of course everything I don't want. You know that original was coy, terrible, awesome in the very same way. This one's diabolically elegant, with metaphors and allegories and motifs out the wazoo but not a single misfit moment. Carrying forward much of BLADE RUNNER without explicitly confirming or contradicting anything: it's wonderful. Leto's Leto, but you have Wright and de Armas and Davis giving wonderful supporting performances, and…

  • I Smile Back

    I Smile Back


    Doesn't have nearly as broad or healthy a sting as THE COMEDY for instance, but it's pretty sharp. Silverman plays a sex addict, drug addict, alcoholic, bitter mom of young kids, so dark it must be excavating a ton of guilt and awful feelings for her. Like, her husband asks her "Why does everything have to be such a big deal?" and in the same conversation sort of kindly mocks her "Why love anything?" and then much later "I just…