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  • The Humbling

    The Humbling


    You humbled? Greta Gerwig, Al Pacino, aka Last Act? I'm humbled. Yeah.

  • Get Street Smart: A Kid's Guide to Stranger Dangers

    Get Street Smart: A Kid's Guide to Stranger Dangers


    Corny, as auteur McNamara shows, is a friendly but sometimes dim-witted alien from Zarcon. "Yeah, yeah, Mom, I compute" he says to his mom early on, when she reminds him to beware of strangers, rolling his eyes. But does he really? Does he actually compute what her output is? No. It'll take a GROUNDHOG DAY situation and repeated abductions to convince him to trust his mom, steer clear of dangers, stay safe. I don't know if cops are to be…

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  • Fanny & Alexander

    Fanny & Alexander


    Maybe it's because I watched the 3-hour version and not the 5-hour one, but it surprises me that Fanny hardly appears in the film at all... and Alexander is central, but not dominant in the least. Odd that something titled with two characters' names would hardly feature those characters at all. Regardless, this is a great piece of art, hefty and extensive but never overwhelming.

    It surveys a privileged Swedish family, the Ekdahls, as they work through the unhappiness following…

  • Patton



    Whether you think PATTON is informed more by WWII and Patton in profile (Nazis, etc.) or by Vietnam and America in context (hippies, etc.) may speak to what kind of fucked up person you are. Discussing war, observing the devastation, wryly pondering doing away with it… "Just like your poetry, it isn't part of the twentieth century" an acolyte tells Patton, and he agrees and says "The world grew up" with a bittersweet sadness. From a script co-written by Francis…