Atlas Shrugged: Part III

Atlas Shrugged: Part III ½

After 3 movies. What the fuck ever even happened. 

I can now say I have watched the top 3 worst movies of all time, all within 3 days. 

I can’t even think of a single thing that had any importance that was on screen In 5.5 hours of sleeping dialogue. 
I have literally nothing insightful to say since I think I lost Brain cells.

Best line from this one at least was:
“Sacrifice Minnesota”

Train girl=upgrade x2
Metal man= downgrade(no screen time even though he was a major character and plot point???)
Eddie=downgrade(less than 5 min of screen time)
Copper man=downgrade 

Ayn Rand was lucky she wasn’t alive to see these get made since I’m sure even she would of hated it, or actually passed away during it.

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