Guns Akimbo

Guns Akimbo ½

If I could give this a 0.1/5 I would. Don’t waste your time watching this. You can watch any other movie instead and enjoy it more. You know what, if you want to watch a movie like this one, just watch Crank 2. It does everything this movie tries to do but 100x better.

The good part: 1 scene where the original picture of Daniel Radcliffe in his robes was released in a press image, and the Internet loved it. They seemed to work that into the movie. 

The bad parts:
The movie never respected the motivations of its characters. 

The dialogue was painful to listen to. It felt like how 50 year olds thought 20 year olds talked. 
The language and jokes were super dated and only are going to get worse. 

The amount of tropes and cliches were over the top. It’s not good set up if I can call the next 5 scenes based on the cliches I am being shown. 

The joke of he has guns for hands, could of maybe carried the movie all the way, if they used the joke in more then the first act. He constantly hides them and makes excuses when the shock value of guns for hands could add so much. 

About 20min in I already knew I wanted to stop watching it. But I needed to see it through to give it a fair review.

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