Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Gonna have to sit with the ending some more; either it's the most offensive rewriting of (unfortunate) history ever, or, it is kickass catharsis by completely taking the piss out of dangerous lunatics with undeserved mythos surrounding them. I'm sure most will immediately see it as the latter, but the unfair build up to *the event* in the third act came awfully close to Elephant levels of "baiting real life tragedy that the audience is aware of for tension purposes".

Whether that is a serious issue or not, I'm not certain. Most of the movie is thrilling in all the ways Tarantino usually is. I admitted on Twitter that this was the first of his I've seen since coming to college, after becoming enriched with finer cinema for the past three years, but that in turn makes Tarantino's collage work a refreshing change of pace. The dude knows how to make a movie, simple as that.

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