Batman ★★★★½

This is on tv and I just couldn’t turn it off. I think this is the only movie I’ve seen less than Jaws. I wore out the VHS from just replaying the decent into mystery sequence over and over again. That was the moment I found my love of image and music put together to feel the true power of emotions it could cause. It is such a simplistic scene of a car driving on a backroad but brings the true essence of what Batman is and the atmosphere of what his world is. Movies truly don’t take a moment to catch their breath like that anymore. 

Nicholson is my favorite actor of all time and his performance is a balls to the walls one at that. Memorable line after line, brilliant dance sequence in the museum and truly captured a specific Joker that fits beautiful in the mythos of the character. It’s one of the performances you can see he is just having a ball with.

I think Vikki Vale is a great stronger character than the female characters at the time. She’s ahead of everyone throughout the film and didn’t take shit from anyone. Truly was loving her( as I do with Kim Basinger most times) it was really interesting Rewatching on this viewing to see her subtle choices throughout. For me I was pleasantly surprised since it’s been a few years since I’ve seen this.

Danny Elfmans score is just an all timer and should be a requirement for every Batman film (minus Nolan when that was such a specific interpretation) as the same for the Superman theme by John Williams for those films. These are iconic and the moment you hear the first few notes you know exactly what characters that are for. Stop fucking around Warner Ho’s. 

A few moments as a Batman fan just urk me and have since I was child. Alfred should’ve been pushed down that cavern in the batcave for letting vikki vale in. MOFO WHAT? Batman just bombing everyone in the chemical plant even with that dumbass excuse he wasn’t in the bat mobile. HE MURDERED ALOT OF PEOPLE AND IT DIDNT GET ANY BETTER IN RETURNS WITH BATMANS BBQ AND WAIT DID ZACH SYNDER MAKE SOMETHING WITH BATMANLOL?  Jokers cock gun hitting in one shot against the Batwing! Come on y’all eat my shorts. and Gotham city is 4 blocks big apparently  ;)

Besides a few short comings it such an entertaining movie and Showed what an 80’s blockbuster could soar to be. It’s such a time capsule of its era with its prince soundtrack sprinkled throughout but never being forced just feels natural in the tone. Then everything else feels almost 20/30’s German expressionism. Gotham in this film is truly a character itself and such a memorable one at that. Batman has never looked cleaner, the suit is so fire. Minus he doesn’t have head movement in the cowl and you get some Bela Lugosi head turns from him lol. The bat mobile and batwing still have not been touched with how great they are in any live adaptation and any cartoon has just taken these designs. Anton Furst RIP but truly a legendary Production Designer and deserves so much credit for this movie being the way it is. His Oscar proves that as well. 

Overall I’m still blown away at age 23 watching this film whatever amount of times it has been. From moment one to one of the greatest final shots in cinema history it’s a rollercoaster of fun.  Such an influential film for me and seeing it in the theater a few years ago on 35mm is the way to see this. I was sucked in a way I’d never really felt even though I had seen it 100 times before. Might have been the crowd and atmosphere of the theater but it was brilliant. To my friends that haven’t seen it. You might not give it as high of a score but you will have a ball of time and be happy you watch.


Kind of live reviewing lol

When the Batwing comes in and the music swells I want to run through a brick wall every single time and just go fight crime.

Also what is the laughing box supposed to be in Jokers pocket when he kisses the pavement. I’ve always been dumb about this since I was a kid but if anyone actually knows I’d love to have an answer. Thanks :)

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