BlacKkKlansman ★★★½

I didn’t expect to walk out of this movie with a new term to describe myself: a “Passing” Jew. Flip’s monologue was an exact summation of my life. I wasn’t raised Jewish. I didn’t go to bar mitzvahs or celebrate Hanukkah. My Jewish heritage was something I never used to think about because I never had to (privilege). Until 2016 and now I think about it all the time. It’s weird hearing people in the Charlottesville footage shouting, “Jews will not replace us!” What does that even mean? I’m just trying to sit here and eat some popcorn, guy.

It feels weird talking about myself (a white man) in reference to this movie yet there I was on screen! My reaction leaving the theater was to find Spike Lee and thank him.

Anyway, great movie. It’s less of a comedy than I expected – very upsetting. The pacing is a bit odd at times, but it’s wonderfully acted and shot. I hope we see John David Washington more. The Kwame Ture scene is powerful.

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