Her ★★★★½

First review can be found Here. For a re watch, All I can say is that it beat American Hustle of my 2013 list. It was just a fantastic film. I was able to capture the emotion between the two of them even more the second time. The fantastic work of Spike Jonze truly is shown in this film, and I was deeply honored that I was able to experience it.

I am so tired of people saying,"Oh that's that weird film where a guy falls in love with Siri, I don't want to see that." This film is so much deeper then what people think. If people say the concept and story is so bad then why did it win for best original screenplay. Yes, it is a weird concept, but is that a good reason to shun it? No, it's not. This is just a creative love story made by the brilliant Spike Jonze. It is about a guy who loves someone not for their looks or body, which is what a lot of people do nowadays, it is for her personality. Most people on this site can see that, but not everyone and not everyone outside of this website. I want this film to have a different reputation then it has for a lot of people. Spread the word.

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