Underwater ★★★★

A boatload of aquatic monster fun that’s beautifully and atmospherically shot with a vibrant color palette.  It borders on music video at some points with its energetic synth score but that only added to the entertainment for me.  Some of the most terrific monster designs I’ve seen recently too

Great leading performance from Kristen Stewart, she killed it as her version of Ridley and brought a strong emotional presence to that helped me draw me into its deep-sea hellscape. Gotta give it up for the legend Cassel too, he adds a lot of intensity and enthrall into the mix

Pretty sharp script and direction that accomplishes a lot and moves through a lot of geography within a 90 minute runtime.  I really liked that it cuts the bullshit and goes straight into disastrous action.  I thought the lack of expository would hurt it in the end, but I liked the unraveling of the characters as they dove deeper (literally and figuratively) and found it resonating with me pretty strongly at the conclusion