Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Before Jake Gyllenhaal, the movie feels super bonkers in a very clunky way — a lot of awkward pauses, Marisa Tomei’s face looking like it’s on a different body, etc. 

Evan made a good point in that Peter feels almost too naïve, esp after everything that happened during “The Blip” and the post attack (which I can’t remember if anyone mentioned Peter looking a bit older??? It was clear that Brad aged in the Blip but was no one going to acknowledge that he did too? Or was the joke that Peter still looks like a baby? Idk). Why does he give away the ONE THING Stark gave him so quickly? Even if he’s trying to fill that void, it feels quick. 

However, after the second fight with Mysterio, it feels so much better! I really enjoyed Jake’s kookiness in this and I knew something felt fishy, but not that fishy!!! The illusion sequences are incredible, and some of my favorite Spiderman scenes ever. Those were well executed from the effect it has on Peter down to the VFX. It was really strong. 

Happy what they did with MJ — it didn’t feel like this obvious, “star crossed” romance and it’s very sweet. Zendaya definitely gives K****** D**** a run for her money. She feels like a real human being, who can be strong and also sensitive and have her own teen problems. Ned is always a joy on screen!!! 

Spoilers are above yes, but MAJOR SPOILER:
I literally fully forgot JK Simmons was the Daily Bugle guy because I haven’t seen the Tugboat Maguire films in a long while. I turned to Evan and go “Wow, I can’t believe the State Farm guy exposed Peter like that.” Idk what’s going on with the Daily Bugle/InfoWars storyline, but I feel like it could either backfire or totally rock. Patiently waiting for Whiplash mean teacher guy to chase someone down in a crosswalk, Alex Jones style.