• Elvis



    Getting ready for Baz’s Elvis next month. This was good. It did feel very much like a television film. You can tell it didn’t have the greatest budget even for the time. I still enjoyed it thought for some Elvis content. What a legend. I thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers did a good job as Elvis. Rose McGowan also looked stunning even though she was hardly in it.

  • Father Stu

    Father Stu


    This wasn’t bad. Certainly some moving moments and a message full of heart. Mark Wahlberg also gives a brilliant and commitment performance as the title character. I hope he finds a few sharper scripts in his next few roles  as he is a great actor. The movie itself just felt long and slow-moving. It was two hours yet felt like three.

  • Firestarter



    This was a dud. Daddy Efron was looking good but the movie was just soooo boring. It didn’t seem to go anywhere for the longest time. It also didn’t feel very cinematic. It actually felt like a made-for-TV movie. Uninteresting and lifeless. Just didn’t work.

  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart


    Hotter than Georgia asphalt. 

    A sex crazed and hot as fire Laura Dern and Nicholas Cage. This is the kind of David Lynch I can get on board with. This movie was so over the top and dramatic. I loved it so much. There were so many hilarious scenes that had the crowd roaring. Nicholas Cage being Nicholas Cage in a snakeskin jacket. A super camp Laura Dern. So many iconic moments and I haven’t even seen this film before. Beautiful cinematography and editing. The second act dragged a bit I must say. However, much of this was perfection.

  • Climax



    I found this such an unenjoyable watch. Pretentious. It gave me a headache and I was waiting for it to end.

  • The Thing About Pam

    The Thing About Pam


    I haven’t been so infuriated watching a series in a long time. Mainly because of how vile the title character was and just how useless the legal system seems to be. Boy, Pam was the Karen Supreme. I hope the real one NEVER gets out. Renee Zellweger gives a committed performance. The series overall is done in a bit of a goofy way and at times it seems a little beneath her talents. Still, they sure got across how horrible Pam was and I needed to see how it would play out.

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    This movie came along at a very hard time in my life. There was a lot of scary changes and I found it both heartbreaking and healing all at once. The relationship between mother and daughter here is so real and tender. Saoirse Roman is excellent. The best friend played by Beanie Feldstein was also a highlight and so sensitive. It’s hilarious in parts and sad in others. I just love it so much.

  • No Night Is Too Long

    No Night Is Too Long


    This was an interesting movie with an intriguing plot. Definitely felt like a TV movie. So melodramatic. Plenty of sex. I enjoyed it for the most part.

  • Dating Amber

    Dating Amber


    This totally blew away my expectations. It was hilarious. Great characters. Perfect casting down to all the side character friends. It was also surprisingly powerful. Loved it. Loved it loved it.

  • Along for the Ride

    Along for the Ride


    This was sweet. A harmless little teen romance in a cute summer beach town. Nothing too fantastic but still easy to watch. There’s nothing much else to say about it.

  • Coal Miner's Daughter

    Coal Miner's Daughter


    What a great life from such humble beginnings. A pretty standard yet satisfying music biopic. Sissy Spacek gives a beautiful performance as Loretta Lynn. Boy, Tommy Lee Jones looked like an old man even when he was young in the 80’s. I enjoyed it.

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    What on earth. Absolutely bonkers. Respect for doing whatever they wanted though. It had some entertaining moments. A lot of stupid moments. I was livin’ for some Scarlet Witch regardless.