Goyokin ★★★

Nakadai and Tamba star in this visually breathtaking and wide-ranging samurai flick. The first film in Japan that was shot in Panavision, you can definitely tell that Hideo Gosha was having the time of his life with his new toy. Utterly gorgeous landscapes throughout, shadows and colours bursting off the screen, with a couple of wacky camera motions at the beginning for some added zest.

I've always loved the range Nakadai showcases in his acting and it's no different here, the highlight being a fantastic monologue halfway through, as well as briefly playing the straight-man in one or two comedy moments, which was charming to see.

Just great stuff all around. Definitely going to revisit this after seeing more of Gosha's films, I appreciated the slow pace through the majority of it and felt the shifts into action scenes were near seamless. I'm interested to see how he began his career and where it leads to.