Fantasy Island ★★½

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I read an article online that basically says that Blumhouse is the new Hammer Horror and that's probably fair. It's also worth remembering that Hammer churned out a load of shit too!

This is a Science Fiction movie. I'd say it's horror but whenever anything remotely violent/scary happens the camera cuts away. I found Truth Or Dare annoying for exactly the same reason and it's a shame that Lucy Hale is in this too as she's easily the best thing (about both).

This was a 15 in the UK (equivalent to a Rated R movie but it was a PG-13 in the US, meaning kids could see it with an adult!) it's so tame the fact that Lucy Hale exposes her belly button makes it to the sex and nudity tab on IMDb's parents guide.

I have to admit that I never once guessed the ending but I also really wanted to stop watching the film altogether.

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