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  • Cam



    Following in the new wave of internet-based horror, Mazzei and Goldhaber's slick, nasty little exploitation tale displays a cleverness amidst the ample bare skin that successfully engages with contemporary fears of security in a world where identity theft is ever easier thanks to massive online databases and twists this fear further with the addition of deep-fake technology for a terrifying spin on demon possession tales. Building on the cleverly topical premise, Goldhaber's glossy/garish visuals play inventively with the tropes of…

  • Murder by Death

    Murder by Death


    Simon imbues the film with a giddy delight that flows from his pen in this deftly referential murder-mystery spoof, the hammy performances ringing with an affectionate wink behind the sneering glee. As a result of this affection, the parody stays too close to the targets of its skewering, particularly in Sellers' stereotype baiting send up of Charlie Chan, and dilute its deconstructivist intentions.

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  • Sicario



    The strength of Villeneuve's intensely muscular direction, Deakins's gloomily gorgeous and evocatively atmospheric cinematography, and Jóhannsson's lush score set a spectacularly grim, fatalistic air of dread-soaked taut tension that lends Sheridan's overly glib, cynically nihilistic drug-war horror story a pulpy tone. The film's pulpiness helps to trim away the shallow nihilism of its moral commentary by amplifying the gruesome horrors of the film's bleakly nihilistic world and the grim amorality of its characters, overpowering Sheridan's didactic intentions and delivering a…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    McQuarrie returns to the series with an understanding of the elements involved--the players and their strengths, the expected action quotient, and the relevant plot points to hit--and brings a deftness to the execution that balances the globe-spanning espionage theatrics and horizon-expanding action sequences with casual, quippy comedy and a seedling of emotional investment in its characters' lives--Hunt's romances never entirely convincing given Cruise's paternal air, but the friendships lend resonance to the life-threatening escapades, making the stakes personal--that, together, make…