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  • A Dog's Purpose

    A Dog's Purpose


    My family and I watched this together with our new dog. My sister also sobbed at a piercingly loud volume for at least 20 minutes of it. Very corny but inoffensive and pure and heartfelt. I had a tear at the end. Dennis Quaid can still get it

  • Breath



    This is the first movie I’ve seen where I know I can use it to lull myself to sleep, but in the best way possible.

    As Sando and Pikelet jump into the water, Sando asks, "I wonder what the ordinary people are doing today?" I like that line for this movie — it’s extremely ordinary and also mundane but that’s what makes it special.

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  • Sideways



    Love love love it. I am just so surprised that Thomas Haden Church (whose character arc felt totally unfinished) and Virginia Madsen received nominations for this but Paul Giamatti didn’t. It’s so backwards. Sideways is Giamatti’s show through and through. What an authentic character. Definitely one of my new fave performances. 

    I know this kinda comes across as a typical road trip film with some (b)romance and infidelity and alcoholism and a mix of dark and light humor, which I…

  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy


    (No spoilers) There’s a real good bit about addiction in this movie that goes something like this-

    When a loved one dies, you mourn them. Sometimes it’s a freak accident, or sometimes you knew it was coming and you’ve attempted to mentally prepare yourself, but the loss hits hard regardless. 

    But when a loved one who is an addict dies, you realize you’ve been mourning them for years. You realize you’ve been mourning them as they’re sitting right in front…