The Double

Movies that do the hectic paranoia / freak out / verge of a mental breakdown infinitely times better:

Black Swan
Fight Club
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

(The Truman Show isn’t a thriller so I won’t list it here but it does qualify under “paranoia.” And it’s obviously brilliant.)

This is actually my favorite film genre, watching the lead character gradually mentally fall apart. 
Eternal Sunshine gives me anxiety every time I see it, and it’s not even a thriller. The messy and overlapping filmmaking frightens me to watch, probably because infinity is my greatest fear, and these movies about doubles and loops just terrify me. Other movies have tried to replicate something similar to this “paranoia filmmaking” — Adaptation comes to mind? Pi? The Game? Perfect Blue? Videodrome? Possession? Maybe Stoker? These are all mostly misses for me, but The Double joins this list by failing entirely.

Could barely finish. Too painful