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  • 8½


    This is a very personal work by Fellini that can be a little bit exhausting, since the main story is contemplative and melancholic, with little action and focused in the inside of the main character, that is, the memories, visions, desires, fears, thoughts and emotions of a director suffering a creative and personal crisis. Reality and imagination are confused in the screen the same way that the film the audience is watching and the film the audience is told.


  • Untraceable



    The Silence of the Lambs, but with computers, Diane Lane as the FBI agent and a Seven looking alike cinematography. Watchable and entertaining, but adds nothing special to the genre. Forgettable.

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  • City of God

    City of God


    I can't count every single time someone has fervently recommended me to watch Cidade de Deus. "A masterpiece", "an incredible film", "What?! I can't believe you haven't seen it yet!" are some of the things I had to hear for the last 15 years. During all that time I have kept telling to myself that I had to watch that damn film, but for one reason or another, never found the proper occasion till today. And yes, they were right,…

  • Magical Girl

    Magical Girl


    This is probably the most Hanekian Spanish film I have ever seen. It is raw, uncomfortable, surprising, gimmicky and perturbating.

    Magical Girl is divided in three different parts, each one focused in one of the three main characters of the film, being interconnected between them like a triangle with an eye in its centre that sees all the sins, the evilness and the insanity that this story carries inside.

    Mixing different elements of comedy, social cinema, horror and thriller this…