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  • A Cottage on Dartmoor

    A Cottage on Dartmoor


    My friend, silent film enthusiast Victor Morton, has always discussed this collective anxiety that occurred at the end of the silent era that pushed filmmakers to demonstrate every aesthetic technique imaginable as what we might call one last hurrah. Not only does A Cottage on Dartmoor have that in strikes, it also features a scene in which the audience attends a sound movie! If that doesn't entice you, let the rest of my conversation with author and critic James Naremore convince you this is maybe one of the forgotten masterpieces of the silent era.

  • Museu Nacional

    Museu Nacional


    This film takes us inside the Brazillian National Museum in Rio, which recently burned to the ground due to fires. The Museum held 20 million objects, which is over twice as many as the British Museum. While certainly a product of colonialism (the building once housed the Portuguese Royal Family), the museum became a space in which indigenous cultures existed. According to one official, entire languages were lost in the fire. As this film demonstrates, the museum held more than…

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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    For years, Hollywood and the surrounding Culture Wars have asked a question: Do Critics Matter? It's a frankly boring question, but the main anxiety has developed out of a growing disconnect between Rotten Tomatoes Favorites and the American Box Office. But Disney and their expanding intellectual properties have put a new spin on this story: critics don't matter, but studios deliberately position / design films to harness their words in order to enter The Cultural Conversation. Their movies are no…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    A green Sprite bottle, given almost a mythical introduction in a frenetic monologue, slips out of the hand of a character and roles into a puddle of water. The camera, finally imparted from its intense close-ups to a God's eye long shot, lingers just for a second as it rolls into a puddle where it could be misconceived as trash. An object of everyday life that has been signified with narrative agency (A MacGuffin up there with the Arc of…